Metal Privacy Fencing

We offer metal privacy fences in many different color combinations and legal heights.  What really sets us apart from our competitors is our framing system.  We use galvanized square tubing for the rails as opposed to the traditional c-perlin rails.  There are many benefits to using the galvanized square tubing.  First, the frame is enclosed, which hides the unsightly sheet screws on the back side of the fence.  Second, the closed square tubing prevents water and debris from collecting like it does in the bottom of the “c” of the perlin which will eventually cause the perlin to rot.  Last, the square tubing is galvanized, avoiding rusting, rotting, and any need for painting….ever.  Additionally, our gates are built to freely swing a full 180 degrees without large gaps when the gates are closed.  We build metal privacy fences like a fence is supposed to be built, not like a metal building!