Fence Staining

We can stain your existing fence after construction or pre-stain fence wood for you.

For new fences, we use ACA PremiumFence Stain. This stain is a transparent penetrating oil-based product that uses Trans Oxide pigments for color.  Trans Oxide pigment is a very fine, longer lasting, and consequently more expensive pigment that will penetrate very well and provide a very rich, beautiful color.  Our stain also contains fungicides, mildewcides, and UV inhibitors which will significantly reduce mold and mildew growth as well as fading from the sun’s damaging rays and insect infestation.    ACA Premium Fence Stain is cut only with Paraffinic oil which is a food grade hydraulic oil.  This oil is also used in suntan lotions, saddle soaps, oil-based soaps, etc.  Along with Trans Oxide pigments and Paraffinic oil, ACA Premium Fence Stain has a cell structure following resin which makes this product the most effective way to replenish Mother Nature’s natural saps and oils.  One application will dramatically increase the life of your fence, and if reapplied every 3-5 years, ACA Premium Fence Stain will significantly reduce rotting, cupping, warping, splitting, and shrinking of the wood as well as those ugly water sprinkler arcs.  ACA Premium Fence Stain is a very safe, environmentally friendly product that penetrates, protects, and beautifies. ACA Premium Fence Stain is quite simply “the best of both worlds.”

For weathered fences, we use a semi-transparent Wood DefenderWood Defender uses an Iron oxide pigment which is larger than the trans-oxide pigment and is exceptional at covering flaws in weathered fences.  After a chemical wash to remove the dirt, mold and mildew, we apply a liberal coat of Wood Defender.  This combination will revitalize your old fence making it look almost new.  Wood Defender also has all of the fungicides, mildewcides, and ultra violet inhibitors, and is also very effective in extending the life and aesthetics of your fence